Driving Tips You Won’t Learn in Driving Schools

Enrolling in a driving school to learn the how-to’s and what-not’s of driving is not such a bad idea. Not only will you be taken under the wing of expert professional drivers, but you’ll also be properly equipped with the knowledge necessary to stay safe while on the road. Still, there are lots of things not taught in driving school, some of which are essential for you to become a good motorist in your own right. Check out a few of them below.

Lower Rear-view Mirror at Night

In case you haven’t noticed it, most rear-view mirrors installed on cars have day-mode and night-mode features. To switch it to night mode, simply pull down the lever underneath the mirror. The angle changes would then enable it to accommodate you on your night drives. To turn it back to day mode, just pull the lever up again.

Sit Correctly Behind the Wheel

Most driving schools and even some car insurance policies implore drivers to wear seat belts while driving. What they don’t tell motorists, however, is that sitting properly behind the steering wheel is also important. Not only does it allow you to see properly while the car is moving, but it also enables you to stay as comfortable and as alert as possible.

Beam Up If Your Car Won’t Start

Say your in a situation where your car won’t start. Before calling your trusty auto shop and ask them to help out, try turning your rides’ high beam up first. This will help heat up your car battery, which could be the reason why your vehicle won’t start especially if the weather is cold in recent days. Only call your mechanic if your car still won’t rev up after you did this.

Dry Your Brakes If It Got Wet

No matter how careful a driver you are, chances are you’ll run through a puddle every now and then, getting your brakes wet in the process. In case this happens, simply press your car’s gas pedal repeatedly. Not only would this dry your brakes up, but it will also help you keep your car’s ignition system from getting clogged accidentally with water.

Don’t Use Hand Brakes in Cold Weather

Regularly using hand brakes to slow down or stop your vehicle is alright, especially since lack of use can leave it more worn out as time passes. However, you should avoid raising up your hand brakes if you’re driving in cold weather conditions. Cold temperatures can leave hand brakes brittle, which would increase the chances of it breaking down on you the more you use it on your cruise.

Keep Learning

You may learn a lot of things in driving school, but being a good driver requires you don’t stop learning about life on the road. So don’t stop learning the dos and don’ts of driving. Educate yourself continually, and keep honing your mad driving moves.

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